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Jan 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
be grateful to have -- to have john there, john is a genius. >> is the show as good with him? do you think? >> no. and not because of -- well, yeah, because of me. but what they did, piers is they got rid of -- they unloaded their anchor and they went adrift. i don't think you realize how important your anchor is until you don't have it. >> do you ever watch it? >> i watched it early on. i thought their first -- their pilot episode had one of the great television moments of all time with the ashes and the reveal of the guy behind the window. that was brilliant. the show should have ended there and said to be continued. but i don't know why a billionaire would want to buy a house with a kid and a guy and stay there. is he still living in my house? >> do you ever speak to him? >> i met him at the emmys. he was really cool. >> he's actually a cool guy. >> he was very sweet, yeah. and john keeps winning emmies >> let's watch a little angus meltdown. >> people see us and be like oh, i can be on a show like "two and a half men." you can not be a true god-fearing person and be on a television sho
Jan 31, 2013 9:00pm PST
. let's turn to the titanic battle on the field. the harbaugh brothers, jim and john, of course, dueling away here. it's a unique situation. you interviewed archie manning, of course, father of two of the great quarterbacks, peyton and eli. tell me about that because there's a particular resonance for him watching these brothers go at it. >> absutely. archie has watched peyton and eli twice. it hasn't gone well for eli. peyton has won twice. he said it's harder to watch your son lose than the other son win. he placed a couple calls to jack harbaugh, the patriarch, and said, hey, we know what you're going through. take a listen to what he told me. >> jack harbaugh said you told them, hey, at least when the boys play each other, we can root for eli on offense and peyton on offense. you've got two coaches where both sides of the ball matter. >> i don't know what they do. everybody thinks it's so great. it is a great story for everybody else, but that game is not fun for them. >> what is it like as you're sitting there? you know the cameras are on you. >> you have to endure it. just get thro
Jan 29, 2013 12:00am PST
, wisconsin. joining me three men who were at that meeting. charles ramsey, john edwards, and sheriff fitzgerald. welcome to you all. let me start with you, if i may, please, commissioner ramsey. what was your overview of how the meeting went? i suppose the key question is what do you collectively think can actually be achieved here? >> well, i thought it was an excellent meeting, and it went beyond just the narrow topic of assault weapons into the broader topic of gun violence in general. we talked about the magazine capacities, we talked about universal background checks. both the president and the vice president listened. they actually wanted suggestions. they're very, very serious about this. and i do think a lot can be accomplished. it's not going to be easy, but i do think a lot can be accomplished. and certainly the major city chiefs organization which i'm a member of. we stand firmly behind the president and vice president in their efforts to bring an end to this gun violence that we experience in our cities. >> let's play a clip from the president today. this is what he had t
Jan 30, 2013 12:00am PST
like some kind of john wayne movie. how does that kind of rhetoric to the american people serve any kind of sense and rational purpose? >> first of all, i object to the hollywood voice. this is the way i talk, this is my voice. and that ad was recorded at a studio. but let me get back more to your point. first of all, as it relates to the mayor, the mayor is completely wrong. i'm the top law enforcement agency in milwaukee county. and we are a full-fledged law enforcement agency. we respond to everything. but that's not the point. because the citizens could care less what uniform the officer's wearing when in fact they call for the police. now, the mayor submitted a budget this year that furloughs 1500 police officers three days each. that's 4500 fewer officer hours to be spent patrolling and responding to calls for service. my agency itself, the county, i had to lay off 42 officers last year. on top of that, there is an increasing demand of 911 calls, calls for service that are going unanswered or in a delayed fashion, not through any fault of the street officer but because of the
Feb 2, 2013 12:00am PST
have a little brother. he does -- he's afraid of me. and jim harbaugh is afraid of john. america is afraid of jim. but the chances of two brothers coaching in this fantastic football game, the chances are almost like if you and i ended up coaching in this game. the idea of having two brothers from a football family go all this time and suddenly here they are across from each other at the super bowl. it's crazy. >> which of the two teams do you really fancy to win this one? i know in the end it's a bit of a lottery, the super bowl, but where are you seeing this one go? >> i used to like the 49ers a lot until i got here. now i see the ravens as a sort of team of destiny. everything has gone right for them. and all these things kind of go in place, ray lewis' last year, and they're in my hotel, by the way. but they have been hidden away. if you're a 49ers fan, by the way, the big story is kaepernick, the quarterback who came out of nowhere. his tenth start in the nfl is a super bowl, who is going to be the next big star. i think i kind of lean toward the ravens. >> in terms of the n
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)